Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Art & Musings

Will I  allow the Lord to work slowly?
Do I really believe He cares more for me than the lilies of the field, and will not forget a single care of my heart?
When I wait, do I wait in fear?
Do I fill gaps, or allow Him?

There must be longevity to prove He is faithful.
Times of contrast reveal He is good.
In the open space He crafts tapestries deeper than my imagination.
His slow, steady works are filled with grace, transformation, and more grace.

I need grace. I need transformation. I want a life filled with His faithfulness, I want to be neck-deep in His goodness. I want to be weaved in His tapestry.

The bending and twisting of each color and texture is the art and beauty expressed by the Artist.

I want to learn to see bending and twisting as a holy tapestry.

I want to be His art, part of His masterpiece.